No more fakes - Guaranteed Genuine products!

We enable manufacturers to protect their brand and succeed, by eliminating counterfeit product sales.

Protect your Purchase

Get our 'EradicateFakes' cell phone app.

Go to your favorite app store and download our EradicateFakes cell phone app. This will be your gateway to ensuring that the products you buy are genuine and so much more!

Locate our tag - Scratch off

On the product you purchased locate the EradicateFakes tag and scratch off to expose the underlying QR code. See our FAQs for more details.

Scan QR Code

Use the app to scan the QR Code. The app makes this a simple seamless action - no fumbling with the cell phone camera.

Validate Results

EradicateFake servers in the Cloud will verify the product and give you instant results. You will know if the product you bought is genuine or if it is counterfeit.


Frequently Asked Questions

Eradicate Fakes uses advanced cryptography-based tags that are created with partnership with the manufacturers of your products. Each product has a unique label which ensures that the product you are buying is genuine.
We work directly with manufacturers as part of their production process and ensure that products that have our Eradicate Fake tags are genuine.

  1. Look for the Eradicate Fakes tag in the product
  2. Download our Apple or Android (Samsung, Google, other phones) app from the respective app store
  3. Scratch off the covering on the tag to expose the underlying QR Code
  4. Scan your product – you will be presented with the message that indicates that the product is genuine. In addition, you will be provided the product description and image, to ensure that there has been no tampering between the manufacturer and the retailer you are purchasing from

  1. We urge our customers to safeguard your tags – as a way to prove the genuineness of your product in the resale market
  2. Eradicate Fakes is building technologies that will allow you to safely pass on ownership of your genuine product to the new owners
  3. We are committed to ensuring that your investments are protected, even as you consider selling your genuine product

  1. Return the product to the retailer with this as your reason
  2. Eradicate Fakes and the manufacturers are made aware of this. The manufacturer will work with the retailer to ensure that they stock only genuine products by rectifying the supply chain.

  1. Alert the retailer to this situation
  2. We strongly urge you not to buy a product with a damaged or already exposed tag

  1. Eradicate Fakes keeps the minimal amount of information to ensure that you are protected
  2. This data is always encrypted to ensure your privacy
  3. Eradicate Fakes uses the latest firewall and security technologies to ensure that no information ever leaves our datacenters